Patient Packets™ was Created for Hospitals

Our Patient Packet® admissions folder publications are free to the hospital with local healthcare advertising.

How the Advertising Works

  • You Have Control

    The hospital retains control over the advertising by guiding us as to what categories we can approach for advertising, via an advertiser category checklist, and also signing off on the advertisers who request to participate in the publication, via an advertiser approval form. No advertiser is allowed in the publication without hospital approval. Our process ensures that no health care business, which may compete in any way with the hospital, will be included in the publication.

  • Proven Success

    Our advertising sales success is based upon a soft, friendly, sales technique that we utilize to invite local health care providers to participate.  Annoying, stressful, high pressure sales techniques are the hallmark of other healthcare advertising based publications – not us! Our more professional approach works. We can cite several examples where we completed free advertising based Patient Packet® publications for hospitals which patient guide companies walked way from for lack of advertising.

  • Unique Benefits

    We provide several unique benefits to our hospital clients and our advertisers. No other healthcare publication provides these benefits. Call us to discuss them.