The Most Effective Direct-to-Patient Advertising Channel

  • Opportunity to Target

    The Patient Packet® admissions folder publication offers you an opportunity to reach your target hospital patient in a highly effective publication.

  • Utilized by Patients

    The Patient Packet® folders are used by patients to store their important healthcare information, are often taken to follow-up doctors appointments, and are used over and over and over.

  • Ads Viewed Over and Over

    Unlike other publications asking for your ad dollars, where you’re lucky if your ad gets seen once by each patient and the publication is hardly ever taken home, the Patient Packet® publication is seen many times by each patient and is valued by the patient and taken home and often utilized as a personal medical records folder. The heavy duty cover stock, with a waterproof coating, ensures that the folder will hold up over time.

  • Patient Friendly Design

    The four color pages in the center of the folder allow us to design the entire publication with patient friendliness in mind, reflecting positively on each advertiser.